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YUANWANG will take the responsibility of promoting 
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Mid-Autumn Festival

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The golden autumn is cool, the osmanthus fragrance is fragrant, we are full of hope, full of harvest joy, we have ushered in the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, in the big family of Yuanwang, we gather together to enjoy the beautiful scenery A total of deep friendship and a happy time. .
On the evening of September 13, in the training room on the 4th floor of Yuanwang Company, a general meeting of the Mid-Autumn Festival was held by General Manager Kyrgyzstan and the middle-level cadres. Kyrgyzstan took the stage to give a speech and kicked off the small party, a forest in Norway. "The audience smashed the audience in an instant, and the wonderful music on the scene continued. Everyone was very emotional. In particular, Tian Xiaolan's "The furthest distance in the world" English poetry gave a refreshing feeling. Everyone here was applauded.
Finally, the festival is approaching, I wish you all the wishes, happy holidays.