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Shipbuilding Industry Association requires higher loading rate of domestic equipment

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The financial crisis has led to increasingly fierce competition in the international ship supporting market, and China's shipbuilding industry has also been seriously affected. In response to this situation, the China Shipbuilding Industry Association recently issued the "Notice on Further Improving the Localization of Marine Equipment and Promoting the Health and Coordinated Development of the Shipbuilding Industry", requiring the entire industry to fully recognize the improvement of the loading rate of domestically produced ship equipment. The importance of close cooperation and joint efforts to promote the healthy and coordinated development of China's shipping industry and supporting industries.
According to the "Notice", compared with the world's advanced shipbuilding countries, China's shipbuilding industry still has a large gap in scientific research level, management technology, production efficiency and supporting capacity. In particular, the localization rate of ship supporting equipment has been progressing for various reasons. Slowly, in recent years, there has even been no increase. The average localization rate of marine vessels for export vessels and ocean-going vessels is only 40% to 50% on average, and the situation is worrying. The financial crisis has made China's shipbuilding industry, which has just formed its capabilities, facing a severe test.
In order to reverse this situation, the "Notice" proposes that, first of all, we must fully realize the importance of improving the localization rate of marine equipment to revitalize China's shipbuilding industry. Marine equipment is an important part of the ship, directly related to the ship's construction cycle, and also determines the cost of ship construction, and these are the key to improving the competitiveness of ship products. The current international ship market competition is becoming more and more fierce, and one of the focuses of competition is the ship supporting industry. It can be said that if there is no strong supporting industry, if the main marine equipment cannot be based on the domestic, China's shipbuilding will also be seriously affected. Only by continuously improving the localization rate of marine equipment can China's shipbuilding industry achieve healthy and stable development.
At present, China's shipbuilding industry has formulated a strategic goal to become the world's major shipbuilding power and power by 2015, which means that China's shipbuilding industry must not only rise to a new height in terms of total shipbuilding, shipbuilding technology, shipbuilding varieties, and shipbuilding efficiency. And it must reach the world advanced level in the level of shipbuilding supporting industry and the overall efficiency of the shipbuilding industry.
Second, supporting enterprises must vigorously do their own construction. We must deepen internal reforms, strengthen management, raise market awareness, and transform operating mechanisms to truly grasp the performance, quality, price, delivery time and after-sales service of supporting products. This is the basis and prerequisite for improving the localization rate of marine equipment. In the current fierce market competition, we must pay more attention to reducing product cost, which is also the key to enable shipbuilding enterprises to actively choose.
Secondly, improving the localization rate of marine equipment is also inseparable from the joint efforts and support of design institutes and shipyards. The association hopes that all shipyards, design institutes and supporting enterprises will work closely together to contribute to the improvement of the localization rate of marine equipment.
Finally, relevant parties also need to adopt necessary and appropriate control policies, including strict implementation of license manufacturing technology contracts (such as low-speed diesel engines for ships) related to sales regional terms and regulations, and strict implementation of the "Investment Catalogue of Domestic Investment Projects Not Exempted from Taxation", Recommended catalogues for shipbuilding domestic equipment in the marine industry, strengthening the import management of marine equipment, and the necessary tax adjustment policies.