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The first domestic floating dock docking automatic control system was put into use

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Recently, the first domestic floating dock docking automatic control system jointly developed by Jiangsu Yuanwang Instrument Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology was officially put into use. It is reported that the system is for the domestic 2,000-ton offshore floating dock.
The floating docking docking automatic control system consists of valve remote control, liquid level telemetry, ship draught measurement and hull deflection detection system. Under the sea conditions of 5th grade and below, the system can automatically control the settlement of the dock, and the docking settlement is always in a safe state of positive floating or positive sinking.
According to the technical staff of Jiangsu Yuanwang Instrument Co., Ltd., the ordinary dock settlement is completed by multi-person cooperation. The docking settlement is completely based on the experience of the operator; and the docking settlement automatic control system can be completely pre-programmed. The docking settlement is automatically controlled, which not only saves labor costs, but also ensures the accuracy of the docking settlement. The system is not only applicable to various docks including offshore mobile floating docks, but also to the renovation of existing docks. It can also be extended to applications such as semi-submersible ships. Its performance is excellent and its technology is the first in China.
Previously, the settlement system of domestic offshore mobile floating docks relied mainly on imports and relied entirely on manual operations. The advent of this domestic system has completely changed this situation.